How should I buy a raincoat?
Column:Industry dynamic Time:2018-05-31

Open an umbrella on a rainy day, if we are walking, then is ok, but security won't have to open an umbrella to ride a bike, only wear a raincoat is actual, let printing transparent poncho manufacturer to tell you, how to choose the right raincoat.

I. fabric identification: if raw materials are used again, there will be peculiar smell, poor adhesion between glue and cloth, and the glue will turn white. When used, it will wrinkle and peel off.

Ii. Workmanship: if the equipment is backward, the stitching distance of the garment is too large, the stitching height is not consistent, the sealing is not up to standard, and water seepage is easy.

3. Design style: first of all, consider the practical effect of rain prevention and wear comfort, and then pay attention to beautiful and generous.

4. Air permeability: if it is to prevent rain, seal it over the human body, and the heat in the body cannot be discharged. It is cold outside and hot inside, forming water and infiltrating the lining of the raincoat.

We wear raincoats to protect ourselves from the rain. If we choose a low-quality raincoat, it is raining outside and leaking inside, then there is no point in wearing raincoats. Also, when buying a raincoat, also should grasp the choice of size, suggested that ordinary clothes people buy L M, raincoat, and so on, this visor sex would be better, even more of winter clothes.